Monday, July 08, 2013

Thai Thesaurus

An article entitled "Why other languages don't use thesauruses like we do" which I stumbled upon prompted me to write this blog entry.

Yes, like English, Thai language also has "a" thesaurus, at least that 's the only one I am aware of. The tome, or compilation, by Prof. นววรรณ พันธุเมธา , was named คลังคำ which essentially means 'word treasury', similarly to the root "thesaurus". It 's an admirable work. So far it is in its 6th printing. The first printing, in my possession, was printed in B.E. 2544, or year 2001. So I think a number of Thai people are using the Thai thesaurus too.

I wished there were another one by different scholars, but Thai language experts seems to be rare.  I think, even better Thai Thesaurus should be online and software versions as well.

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