Sunday, June 24, 2012

Crappy translation on Thai safety warning label for OTPC tablets

A short news from online version of a Thai newspaper reported that the red safety warning label (in Thai language) for the yet to be delivered "One Tablet Per Child" tablet, made in China,  have been highly criticized by by online community as incomprehensible.

I am not surprised at the translation quality of the Chinese manufacturers. Bad English in their brochures or on package surface for various electronic gadgets are well known in western countries. I can't help but wonder how did they got that bad Thai translation for this case. Perhaps they used some sloppy translation engine. I suppose that with very low margin and cheap price of each gadget, they did not want to hire professional translator to do the job. Too bad, I am sure there would be plenty of volunteer who would do few translation for them free of charge for the benefit of education.

If machine translation software, esp. between English <-> Thai, will not be any better, I can see that the doomed future of Thai language is unavoidable.

(Why do I post this in English. I want this to be internationally comprehensible ! )

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